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Sandbach Flashes
Created by a few devotees interested in maintaining a photo gallery, latest news, sightings and year list information for the local flashes

We do not represent any other individuals or organisations. Management of the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI area) – Natural England.


Published Books
from local birders Andrew Goodwin and Colin Lythgoe

This book is now out of print but is available to Read Online
Book One: The Birds of Sandbach Flashes 1935 – 1999
Includes information on geology, salt industry, conservation/management plus detailed chapters on all sites within the Flashes including all bird identified & recorded. The Birds of Sandbach Flashes 1935 – 1999 The Birds of Sandbach Flashes 1935 – 1999

Book Two: A Supplement to the Birds of Sandbach Flashes from 2000 to 2009

The book includes a Systematic List and a Checklist of all birds identified and recorded at this Cheshire birding site over the 10 year period that this guide covers.